About Sukhothai Bicycle Tour

Sukhothai Bicyle Tour was founded by Jib and Miaow, a husband and wife team based in Sukhothai.

Jib was born in Phichit province in 1982 and grew up in a small farming family. By 1999 Jib found himself in Sukhothai, both as a student and a manager at a guesthouse catering for foreign tourists.

Miaow was born in Sukhothai Provine in 1981. Initially growing up in a small village Miaow ended up studying in Bangkok in her early years. When she moved back to Sukhothai she continued her studies, and found herself working part-time at the same guesthouse where Jib had only started work. And the rest was history!

By 2000, Jib & Miaow became close friends. Soon they fell in love with each other and got married in 2008. A few years later, in 2010 they were blessed with a baby daughter, little Min.

Before they were married Jib and Miaow made the decision to make a new life in Chiang Mai. After the completion of Jib’s University education the couple moved to Chiang Mai to seek new challenges. Although already accustomed to dealing with foreign tourists, this move turned the couple into trained professional guides . From 2005 onwards, for 17 long years, Jib and Miaow worked for a reputable Cycling Tour company based in Chiang Mai.

Having gained all the necessary experience, Jib and Miaow decided to return to their beloved Sukhothai. But their love for cycling and showing tourists the true beuaty of Thailand would mean only one thing… the birth of Sukhothai Bicycle Tour!

Jib is the co-founder of Sukhothai Bicycle Tour. An experienced 40 year old guide, Jib has worked in the tourist industry in both Sukhothai and Chiang Mai since 1999. Taking good care of his customers and giving them a refreshing experience of Thailand is what he takes pride in.

Miaow , who married Jib in 2008 , has worked in tourism since 2000. Like Jib she has more than 20 years industry experience with an emphasis of bicycle touring. Being a local she shares a wealth of knowledge about her province, its history, culture and traditions.

This is little Min , Jib and Miaow’s daughter. She is a budding cyclist, seemingly following in her parent’s footsteps! Although she does not work with Sukhothai Bicycle Tour, you may bump into her when you come to see us at our office!

Pen , Miaow’s uncle also decided to join Sukhothai Bicycle Tour team from its inception. Pen like to drive and other kind of service for company.

Kob , Miaow’s cousin, decided join Sukhothai Bicycle Tour from its inception. With many years exprerience in Tourism, Kob is keen to play a key role in this growing team. Kob is originally from Sukhothai and is fully versed on its glorious past and today’s more rural setting.